Fish with Captain Willie Mills, the First Place Captain in the 2012 World's Richest Tarpon Tournament! 
Capt. Mills won this honor by having the most tarpon released!
There is no better experience in life than hooking into a might silver king in the warm, teal waters of Boca Grande, Florida. Enjoy life's finer pleasures with experience Captain Willie Mills. 

An experienced, fourth generation commercial fisherman in the local Florida Waters, Capt. Mills will guide you through Boca Grande Pass in search of the world's most spectacular game fish, the mighty silver king, the tarpon. 

On his boat, Tracy Lynn, he will take you, and up to four of your additional guests on either a daytime or nighttime trip. Equipment, tackle, and licenses are provided.

Enjoy all that life has to offer! Visit Capt. Mills and his family in Boca Grande, Florida for a vacation you will never forget!

Captain Willie Mills - Director, Boca Grande Fishing Guides Association

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